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Egg films help explain the road to recovery

A Bury St Edmunds art project has been helping to explain recovery through a series of short films.

The series of six, called Multi Egg Story is being produced by Artheads, a charity based in the town which helps people to use their creativity to deal with drug, alcohol and mental health issues.

Stephen Kirin, a Charge Nurse at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s Wedgwood House at Bury St Edmunds Hospital, is a trustee at Artheads and dreamt up the unusual concept.

It involves six people, all in different stages of recovery, simultaneously carrying an egg on a spoon across Bury St Edmunds, to meet at a central location.

Stephen explained: "The videos are all individually filmed completely unscripted and improvised, so anything can happen as people walk along.

"I wanted to find a way to express the fragility of recovery and mental health using a visual metaphor that would stick in people's minds.

"Everyone remembers egg and spoon races - the egg has been used as a symbol of birth, life and death for centuries.

"There is a lot of humour in the films, as there was in making them, but we hope there could also be an educational potential as a way of furthering nursing recovery models to explain recovery through art."

Carla's Journey, the second in the series to be released, features Carla Swann, who recently qualified as a Peer Support Worker at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

Carla now uses her peer support training and life experience to help others with mental health and recovery concerns. The film documents her 25 minute walk from Wedgwood House, to the Guildhall.

Carla said: "Since qualifying in peer support work, my passion for recovery-focused ideas took off and I have told my story in so many ways, but never through art.

"We need our supporters to help recover and what the project shows is, that with support, no matter how fragile we are, recovery is still possible.

“I found that I wanted to stop and tell people what I was doing as I walked along, or hoped they would even stop me to ask me."

Multi Story Egg is supported by organisations including Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Artheads, Focus 12, St John’s Centre, CRI Drug and Alcohol Services, Noise Solution. 

Please click here to view Carla’s Journey.​