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Commitment to carers by Trust recognised with gold star

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) has been awarded a gold star in recognition of its commitment to ensuring carers are fully supported and involved in decisions about care.

The Carers Trust has presented NSFT with the star for successfully achieving the first stage of the Triangle of Care. The Trust is one of only 18 across the country to achieve the accolade.

NSFT was awarded the star following a lengthy evaluation process, during which every inpatient service and Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment (CRHT) Team completed a self-assessment explaining the steps they take to involve carers. A detailed report was also submitted to the Carers Trust and a presentation took place before the application was peer evaluated and a final decision was made.

Sharon Picken, Service User and Carer Involvement Lead with NSFT, said: “We are delighted to have become one of just 18 Trusts to achieve the requirements set out in the Triangle of Care and be awarded a gold star.

“Staff from across the Trust have shown enormous enthusiasm for the project, and have all worked really hard to make sure that the true principles of the Triangle of Care are embedded in our everyday working practices.

“Achieving this standard underlines our commitment to ensuring all services and teams across the Trust can support, listen and engage with carers to make sure that the care we provide is joined up, person-centred and of the highest quality.”

As part of the Triangle of Care programme, the rest of NSFT’s services will also complete self-assessments to evaluate how well they are working with carers.

Gary Page, Chair of NSFT, said: “We are committed to placing our service users and carers at the heart of everything we do, and cemented this focus earlier in the autumn when we launched a new strategy called 'Improving Services Together', which makes it clearer how their voices will be heard.

“We are really pleased that we have received the gold star and will continue to build on these strong foundations in the future as we drive through further improvements for our service users and their carers.”

The Triangle of Care was launched in 2010 as a therapeutic alliance between carers, service users and staff. NSFT became a member of the scheme in 2014, with the aim of supporting and promoting recovery in mental health by ensuring that carers are fully involved throughout the recovery journey and able to access support, and that services value the vital role they play.

For more information about the Triangle of Care, please click here.  ​