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Carer describes compassionate care at Hammerton Court

‚Äč"I was shocked and saddened about the allegations against the hospital as recently reported by the BBC, EDP and national tabloids. The report was presented almost like a trial, but with no defence.

"Clearly I can't comment about the case mentioned, but I was so disgusted by the bias in this report that I must speak up and support the skilled and compassionate staff at the hospital.

"My husband was admitted to the Julian Hospital nearly two and a half years ago and has been on Reed Ward for over two years.

"I visit 3 or 4 times a week and always stay for two to three hours, so not only do I witness the care of my own relative, but also what is happening around us with the other patients.

"I have seen nothing but care and compassion from the staff - it seems nothing is too much trouble for them.

"They are very responsive to the individual needs of each patient and work tirelessly to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable, calm and secure.

"Their holistic approach provides for the physical, medical and emotional aspects of patients living on the ward.

"Medication is a big part of that with Alzheimer's and related conditions, but in my experience this has been administered very sensitively to my husband, using the absolute minimum and responding carefully to changes in his presentation as the disease progresses.

"During an admission to NNUH for 6 days last year this care continued and staff members from Reed Ward worked shifts and stayed with my husband 24 hours a day.

"This made an immense difference to his wellbeing during what would otherwise have been a very confusing and frightening experience.

"I can't possibly give enough praise to the staff of the Julian Hospital - they are such dedicated people and are doing a wonderful job."

Lesley Williams, King's Lynn