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Help in a crisis
Service Page
Beach Ward, Julian Hospital, Norfolk

 What help do you offer?

​Beach Ward is an acute admission ward for people with dementia. We offer admission for acute care needs, assessment and treatment planning.

 How do I get help from your service?

​We are an acute admission ward and as such access to our facility is only available to mental health care professionals.

 What hours is your service available?

​We have a protected mealtime system in place, from 12noon to 2pm and 4.30pm to 6.30pm. If you wish to visit within these hours please speak to our staff.

 What can I expect from you?

​You can expect to be admitted to Blickling Ward at a time of acute need where
you receive assessment, care planning and treatment planning.

 What is the main address of your service?

​Beach Ward
Julian Hospital
Bowthorpe Road

 How can I contact you?

​For our direct line, call 0300 123 4969           

For the main switchboard at Hellesdon Hospital, call 01603 421421

 What conditions do you treat?

​Dementia with Lewy bodies
Alzheimer's disease
Vascular dementia
Frontal lobe dementia
Memory loss
Asking questions repetitively
Increasing difficulties with planning
Difficulty finding the right words
Difficulty with numbers
Difficulty handling money in shops
Personality change
Mood changes

 What support do you offer carers including friends and family?

​Our staff liaise with carers and allocate time for discussion when possible. There is information available on the ward for service users and carers. Please speak with ward staff if you would like an appointment with medical staff.

 Clinical Team Lead

​Phillip Leake

 I need help urgently! Who do I call?

You can call our direct line on 0300 123 4969​