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Adult Learning Disability Service Suffolk (7 Airey Close)

 What help do you offer?

​7 Airey Close offers rehabilitation of people with learning disabilities who have had an extended stay in a more restrictive environment.​

 How do I get help from your service?

​Consultant psychiatrists and care coordinators can refer you to us.

 What hours is your service available?

Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 What can I expect from you?

​You can expect a holistic programme of rehabilitation to help you transition to a community setting with the appropriate support to reach your potential.

 What is the main address of your service?

​7 Airey Close
NR32 3JQ

 How can I contact you?

​Call us on 01502 535000 or 01502 535046

 What conditions do you treat?

​Learning disabilities
Mental health
Autistic spectrum disorders
Personality disorders
Conduct disorder
Downs syndrome
Cerebral palsy
Neurological conditions
Genetic abnormalities
Attachment disorder
Cognitive impairment
Challenging behaviour

 What support do you offer carers including friends and family?

​We offer open visiting, family therapy, carer consent and referrals to Suffolk Family Carers.

 Clinical Team Lead

​Sue Medley

 I need help urgently! Who do I call?

​People already being treated by our service should call 01502 535046