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Help in a crisis
Can I volunteer?

​We welcome applications from all walks of life and celebrate the diversity of our volunteers. There is no need to have prior experience in order to volunteer, as long as you are committed, caring and passionate about helping others we would love to hear from you. There are some essential requirements to become a volunteer which are listed below.

I have a criminal record, can I still volunteer?

Whilst a DBS check is compulsory for all volunteers, having a criminal record is not an automatic barrier to volunteering. All applications are considered on an individual basis, in an honest, clear and confidential manner.

I will only be available to volunteer for a few months, can I still apply?

Due to the amount of time and resources involved in recruiting volunteers, we ask that each person is available to volunteer for at least 9 months after applying. Therefore unfortunately we cannot accept applications from people available for shorter periods of time.

How can I get started?

Interested? Click here to take a look at our current volunteer opportunities!