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Help in a crisis
Helpful pharmacy books and leaflets

Information for service users and carers 

Our pharmacists are always available for discussions or advice about drugs. We aim to ensure that there is widespread, independent information about drugs available to staff, patients, clients and carers alike. 

The Choice and Medication website includes:

  • 30 Q&As on over 155 medicines

  • 14+ Q&As on 21 mental health conditions

  • Over 400 printable leaflets, including unique handy charts and fact sheets

  • Independent advice

Lithium and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) cards

Lithium cards are given to patients taking lithium which can be shown to their doctor, pharmacist or nurse. It states everything you need to know when taking lithium including side effects, cautions and blood tests. These cards are available from the Pharmacy.

MAOI cards are given patients taking MAOIs which can be shown to their doctor, pharmacist or nurse. It states everything that you must know when taking MAOIs, including certain foods, drinks and drugs you must not take. These cards are available from the Pharmacy.

Telephone Helpline

We advertise our pharmacy helpline number widely in Norfolk and Suffolk and you are invited to call for more information about drug treatments.

The helpline is for service users, carers and NHS professionals.

In Norfolk: 

01603 421212 Mon to Fri, 8.30am-4.30pm

01603 421319 Mon to Fri, 4.30-6pm            ​

In Suffolk:

01473 329141

Please leave a message and we will ring you back, alternatively you can email:  

Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays​

                                                                                                                                                      For all telephone queries regarding medication, the details will be taken for the pharmacist who will ring you back, usually within half an hour.

Handy charts booklets

Handy charts booklets help you compare the medications for mental health conditions.
For copies please contact the Pharmacy Department on 01603 421212.

Med-Ed booklets

Med-Ed booklets help you to understand more about drugs and how they work with the brain.

Lithium Database

Has a facility for people to access their own blood results.


Good Grub, Good Kip and Good Exercise guides give useful information on healthy eating, sleeping and hand hygiene, all summarised on a bookmark.